Today, I woke up not feeling well and having a stomach ache - so, of course I didn't feel like running.... Instead, I stayed in bed for about one more hour, feeling bad physically as well as emotionally. I realized this wouldn't help.

So I got up, put on my running clothes and just went outside. I decided I should think about the many reasons why I should be happily doing this workout - I needed to reframe my outlook on my workout!!

Here is what I came up with:

- Right when I left the building, a lady in a wheelchair passed by. I realized: I am lucky to be able to walk and run and have a strong and healthy body!

- I am lucky to live in a safe neighborhood with a nice park and river where I can run.

- Running is so uncomplicated: no appointments to be made, no fees to be paid.

- I am lucky to return home and take a long hot shower in my nicely heated bathroom.

- I am lucky to be able to put on nice and fresh clothes afterwards.

- I love the feeling after working out! I can think more clearly and feel more calm.

So, instead of whining about why something is not right, just go ahead and reframe your point of view: whatever task there is to be tackle, we are lucky to do so!

Have a great day


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  1. I know what you mean, I remember these things too when I don't feel like running. Good for you that you did get out and run.