A new friend?

Oh my! I actually had a rough start today, felt a bit overwhelmed by the tasks in front of me. But THEN I checked my email and saw that someone had replied to my add!
I had put an add in a local magazine, saying that I was looking for a workout/ weight-loss/ motivation buddy about two weeks ago. I was a bit anxious at first, since I had been rather withdrawn from people lately. But I want to chance! Hence the add (and this blog).
And now, someone replied! That gave me such a BOOST in energy and motivation that I totally dived into my work for hours!
I guess it’s true, reaching out to others, and teaming up to achieve something, IS a source of happiness. J
I am so excited about meeting up with her and work out our plan!


  1. Hi Miriam! I am happy that you found my blog and I have now found yours, although you should add the ability to have followers(i think you do this through the settings tab). I would love to read your posts during your journey. I am pretty new to the blogging world as well and I love reading how other people are doing it and give some encouragment along the way.

    I think it is great that you have a gym buddy. That is awesome and something that will be very valuable on your journey. I love that your about me contains words like getting healthy and being organized. That sounds like me! Glad to have met you! Good luck on your journey!

  2. Hello Miriam.. Congrats on making the decision about becoming healthy! That is a great start! I think a gym buddy is a great idea! When you don't feel like going, you'll have someone who is counting on you and that will give you motivation!

    PS - Are you German or living in Germany? I see some of your page specs are in German.

  3. Hello Miriam!

    Tim here from timmoyoungfatboythin.blogspot.com

    Good luck with your weight loss and congratulations on getting a gym buddy! I'm also pretty new to this. I've been blogging about my weight loss for the last 5 weeks and it's going great. A lot of that comes down to writing in my blog as well as receiving lots of great advice and support from other bloggers.

    I wish you all the best and if you need any help/advice then feel free to ask! :)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    I think it's great that you put out that add and find someone to workout with. Have you met her yet?

    In Holland we have a website for that, you can search on location and sport to find a buddy.